Give a meaningful gift this Mother’s Day

Caring for a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition is 24/7 and taking a break is not always possible.

But our Alexander’s Care Team continues to be there for our Mums (and Dads), making life a little easier and giving them the support that they need.

This Mother’s Day, please help us to continue reaching out to these extraordinary families. We rely nearly entirely on donations, so anything you can give will make a huge difference to mum’s like Gemma and her four year old daughter Talia. 

“Alexander Devine stepped in and made such an unforgettable impact on our lives. We count our blessings for the continuous support they give us. They’ve enabled us to watch Talia enjoy a new, safe and exciting environment at their hospice, given us respite from her medical demands and most importantly backed us as a family through every step of our journey.”

With your support we can give mums like Lisa “hope and relief”

In September 2020, Lisa became a mum to her beautiful twin boys, Keanu and Bodhi. But joy quickly turned to devastation when Keanu fell ill shortly after he was born. Keanu sadly caught meningitis that lead to severe swelling in his brain.

Now 18 months old, Keanu’s ongoing complex medical condition means he needs lots of additional support. Alexander Devine is there to help the family as much as it can, providing much-needed respite, nursing care and specialist play for the boys.

For Lisa, the support we provide gives her hope and relief as she comes to terms with her son’s illness and life-long care needs.


“Alexander Devine has afforded me immense support, compassion and understanding. Their care covers myself as well as both my boys – we are seen as a unit which is one of the stand out qualities of their service. Until I was introduced to Alexander Devine I felt quite bereft and alone in coming to terms with my son’s illness and the life-long care needs that resulted.
Alexander Devine opened up a whole new world of hope and relief that come what may I was not alone in managing Keanu’s needs, both in the short and long term.
I would truly be at a loss as to how I would manage without their services. I feel overwhelming gratitude for the legacy that is Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service and all the care and hard work that so many provide to help families like mine, the management, the staff and the fundraisers.”

Give a truly meaningful gift this Mother’s Day


could help us give one of our incredible Mums time to herself to relax, have a bath or watch her favourite movie.


could help us give one of our amazing Mums time to spend with her friends and go for coffee or lunch without worrying about care responsibilities.


could help us give one of our wonderful Mums the time to really treat herself to some self care and get her hair or nails done or even visit a spa.

Need our help?

The word hospice should not seem scary and getting support from us doesn’t have to mean a child’s death is imminent. Our end of life and bereavement support is just a part of what we do and helping to enrich the lives of the children and their families is at the heart of our service. 

Our children’s hospice service covers the whole of Berkshire and surrounding communities. Anyone can make a referral to Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service and if you think your child may be eligible for our services, please do get in touch.

Your support really matters...